The Academy
What is Eskrido?   Training-vsTeaching
On the street, in an actual situation, the mind may not have time to react to an attack coming at you. The stranger or group of strangers may not seem threatening until they rush at you. These situations call for reactions that must be reflexive. By the time your brain registers that there is a punch, knife or club coming toward you it is too late!

  You know you must block and counter, but there is no time to analyze and react to the attack. But...if your body is naturally trained to react to a punch, knife or club coming at you, the time saved can be as much as 1 second. Anybody who has ever been in a fight knows that 1 second can be an eternity. We train to react before your mind has time to think about it.

The Academy's system trains fighters to react instinctively to an attack, not relying on contemplating which certain technique would be best in a situation. There may not be enough time! Each attack is unique, but there is an underlying similarity whether it is a punch, kick, stab or strike. The angles of attack are studied, because after the initial attack other blows are sure to follow. Knowing and training for this brings in body positioning which are known as "Safe Zones". The hand and arms can only be applied so far then fail. In concert with safe zones attackers can be positioned and "Lined Up" minimizing the risk of the defender.